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Queens of Sheba

Queens of Sheba - Ali Wright-86.jpg

Turned away from a nightclub for being “too black”, four women take to the stage with their own explosive true stories.

The music and the misogyny, the dancing and the drinking, the women and the (white) men. Loosely based on the DSRKT nightspot incident of 2015, Queens of Sheba tells the hilarious, moving and uplifting stories of four passionate Black Women battling everyday misogynoir – where sexism meets racism. Written by Jessica L. Hagan and Ryan Calais Cameron and Directed by Jessica Kaliisa the show is  the winner of the Untapped 2018 Award the Edinburgh Stage Award 2018 and The OffWestEnd Award Best Performance 2020


“beautiful honesty... that leaves many of the audience in tears.” 

★★★★★ Ed Fest Mag 


"insight, power and beautiful a cappella singing"

★★★★ The Guardian


“[A] theatrical firework,

★★★★ Independent

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