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Nouveau Riche is an award winning artistic movement created in 2015 that aims to diversify the arts and offer opportunities allowing and helping artists from diverse backgrounds to curate and tell their own authentic stories.


At Nouveau Riche, we provide a platform to be the first point of call for a generation of incredible talent that are no longer willing to beg for a seat but are willing to establish something of their own.

By Supporting Nouveau Riche you will be helping us set out to achieve the following:


  • Invest in up and coming, emerging and diverse artists and practitioners. 


  • Create and commission new and unique diverse Work. 


  • Provide an artistic outlet for those from diverse, underrepresented, marginalized backgrounds as well as be a voice for the voiceless. 


  • Offer opportunity to even out the playing field within the arts.

For all other enquiries/suggestions on how to get involved in how you can support us at Nouveau Riche, email

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