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Supporters Scheme

Join the NVRCH family

We really appreciate you being here and supporting Nouveau Riche. Your support means we are able to continue creating ground-breaking work which highlights previously untold stories from our community. 


Start making a small difference! This could cover our monthly subscriptions or even sponsor a prop.

You will receive exclusive early announcements to all our shows and be credited online! 

You will be supporting our associate artists develop new work! We are working with ten Black and Global Majority writers all at different stages of their careers, to develop a piece of new writing. 

As well as the above: credit, exclusive emails and advance insights, you will be named on our programmes! Your generosity will be greatly appreciated by our wonderful associates and us of course.


We are constantly in conversations with writers and this could help take their work to a festival, such as Edinburgh Fringe. It is extremely difficult for emerging artists to secure funding for festivals so this support is invaluable. 

As well as all the above: credit, exclusive emails, named on our programmes and invited to meet-the-artist events!

You will be supporting a small commission! We are always looking for ways to support the next generation of Black and Global Majority writers and theatre makers who strive to make positive change in our industry. We prioritise new writing that veers from traditional western story telling and centres previously unheard perspectives.

As well as all the above: credit, exclusive emails, named on our programmes, invited to meet-the-artist events and VIP guest invitations to press nights!


If you are able, any donation is extremely valuable to us as we navigate this post-pandemic industry. At Nouveau Riche we aim to support our community of Black and Global Majority artists and theatre makers by commissioning new writing, hosting associate writers and holding space for our community. 

Investment Opportunities  

Thank you for your interest in investing with Nouveau Riche! 

Theatre investment can be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience, though high-risk. There are tax benefits for theatre investors as well as opportunities to receive complimentary tickets to opening, press and gala nights, invitations to opening night parties, open rehearsals and meet and greets and advance notice of future investments opportunities

If you are interested in investments please contact for more information. 

We look forward to opening the conversation with you! 

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